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Divinity Clergy Wear offers a wide range of items to complete your wardrobe for church service. Finding a physical store near you that actually sells clerical apparel can be difficult as there aren’t many stores out there. The best part about Divinity Clergy Wear is that we are an online store that ships your purchases right to you, meaning you don’t have to go searching for clothing to wear for church service. You can simply browse our website from the comfort of your own home! We offer a variety of clerical apparel; from our clergy robes and preaching jackets to our chimeres, cassocks and surplices, we have it all!

If you’re looking specifically for surplices, you can look at our selection on our website today! We offer the best, high-quality surplices you can find online. If you need a Cassock and Surplice, we have what you need right here. We have items that come with the full package, including our Class A Vestment, which comes with 6 pieces to complete the church outfit. The full package includes a Black Anglican Cassock with a Black Matching Cincture Belt to match. To lay over the cassock, it comes with a White Surplice that has a beautiful, traditional lace detail in the garment. To top it all off, a Black Tippet is included in the package, as well as a Black Cord and Silver Cross. You can get all of this, a full clerical outfit, with only one purchase! This Class A Vestment is perfect for those looking to find everything in one. This vestment is even on sale and orders made over $299 come with free shipping!

Another vestment that comes as a full package is our GCPE Approved Class A Vestment, which comes with 7 pieces included to complete the full outfit. Endorsed by the General Council of Pastors & Elders, this GCPE approved Class A Vestment is a full-cut garment that comes with 7 pieces. This includes a Black Anglican Cassock, Black Matching Cincture Belt, White Surplice with traditional lace, Black Tippet, Black Cord, and Silver Cross. What makes this vestment different from our others is that it also comes with a sewn-in COGIC seal on the Tippet.

If you’re just looking for a simple Surplice with Lace, we offer that as well! This surplice has beautifully detailed lace along with a deep, pleated body and squared yoke neck. It’s also tailored in high-quality White Viva. The best part is that this surplice can fit both men and women! Buy a variety of clergy wear and clergy robes today!